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  • Andrew Eagan

Janam XT1 Featured Handheld for Inspector+ at NISTM Convention

WNS is excited to present the Inspector+ application alongside the Janam XT1, a new, rugged, non-incendive, industrial-grade android tablet, at the upcoming NISTM Aboveground Tank Storage Trade Show & Conference.

The XT1 is a Rugged Mini-Tablet that delivers all of the technological advancements found in consumer devices, but has the added durability to withstand harsh environments. In an industrial setting such as the Tank Farm and Fueling industry, having a ruggedized and non-incendive device is essential; the XT1 provides workers with the assurance that their device is intrinsically safe without having to compromise on any work-essential technological functionalities.

This makes the Janam XT1 the perfect match for the Inspector+ application in an industrial setting, where inspections frequently take place in rigorous and/or hazardous environments. The Janam XT1 additionally comes equipped with an integrated 2D scanner, a 5.0 megapixel camera, and Wi-Fi/LTE capabilities, all essential functions to take full-advantage of the Inspector+ software.


Why is the XT1's Integrated Scanner essential for Inspector+?

Inspector+ is unique in the fact that it utilizes barcode data collection technology in order to collect inspection data. Barcodes are attached to specific inspection items and are assigned a corresponding inspection form. When the asset is scanned, the form will automatically appear on the employee's handheld, prompting them to respond to the inspection queries regarding that particular asset. Once completed, the employee submits the form by sending the report via Wi-Fi or LTE to a backend management system where the inspection data is stored securely in the cloud.

Inspector+ Infographic, barcode, Janam XT1

From there, managers can review all inspection data in one place, and quickly analyze an asset's history or pull up a particular inspection report by easily searching within the inspection database. Assets requiring maintenance are flagged for the manager to see, who can promptly forward them on to the maintenance team for immediate attention.

To learn more about how the Inspector+ application works, check out our explanatory INFOGRAPHIC here, or contact one of our sales representative today.

The barcodes at the beginning of the inspection process make all the difference: Inspector+ requires that each asset be physically scanned in by an employee in order to complete the inspection form (there, of course, is a manual override available if technical difficulties ensue, but managers are automatically alerted of any overrides). This helps ensure employee compliance by mandating each check be completed at the actual asset, and not from the interior of a vehicle or a break room, increasing the overall accuracy of the inspection process.

That is why the Janam XT1's 2D integrated scanner is a crucial aspect of the device; combined with the fact it is certified for use in hazardous environments and sealed to IP54 standards, we are excited to present it as the featured scanner for the Inspector+ total solution at this year's NISTM Aboveground Tank Storage Trade Show & Conference.


Come Visit Us at NISTM

You can see firsthand how the Janam terminal pairs with the Inspector+ application at Booth 132 at the NISTM International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show on April 20-22 in Orlando, Florida. For more details on the show, click the banner below.

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