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Inspector+ Feature Set

Turn paper forms into versatile, easy-to-use electronic forms that can be used on any mobile device. Now equipped with all the features you need to make your inspection process as efficient and reliable as possible.


All the features you need to transform your inspection process.

Let's face it: pen and paper isn't just tedious and time-consuming, it's also greatly limiting your inspection process potential. Inspector+ comes equipped with features that can greatly enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of your inspection process. If you're tired of the inspection headaches your pen-and-paper process is giving you, there's a way out: Inspector+ makes the transition to 21st century compliance easy. 

Barcode Data Collections

Barcode Data Collection

  • Feature: employees must scan in each inspection item on their mobile device.

  • Benefit: ensures that employees were present at each inspection item & area, increasing inspection accuracy.

Custom Inspection Forms

Custom Inspection Forms

  • Feature: inspection forms can be completely customized to your need. 

  • Benefit: keep the forms that matter to you: we can recreate existing forms, or create new ones per your requirements.


Maintenance Work Orders

  • Feature: items marked as "needing maintenance" on inspection routes automatically start a work order for managers to relay.

  • Benefit: gets your maintenance team the information faster. Time and date stamping allow you to review the time it takes an item to go from "needing maintenance" to "repaired".

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

  • Feature: all inspection data is stored on the cloud utilizing Microsoft Azure.

  • Benefit: view inspection and maintenance data from any PC anywhere in the world

Store and Forward

Store and Forward

  • Feature: employee can utilize the application even if there is no coverage: all inspection forms can be stored locally on the device. 

  • Benefit: employees are always able to work. Inspection forms can be synced to backend once they re-enter coverage. 


Photo Capture

  • Feature: take pictures of any inspection item right on the handheld and upload it to backend server. 

  • Benefit: a picture is wortha thousand words: gives the maintenance team a better understanding of what needs repair.


Signature Capture

  • Feature: employees or third-party inspectors can sign off on their work at the end of the day.

  • Benefit: instills a sense of accountability and ownership in the employees, increasing accuracy and reliability.



  • Feature: dashboard with graphical representation of inspection data. 

  • Benefit: view the inspection data that matters to you at a glance; easily view the history of inspection items and reports. 


Android Compatibility

  • Feature: compatible with the latest Android operating systems and devices.

  • Benefit: use the best fit device and OS for your unique operation. We can help recommend the best options.


API Integration

  • Feature: we can create an API to interface Inspector+ within your existing system.

  • Benefit: no need to do any development on your end: Inspector+ can easily be a part of your existing framework.

Want to see the features firsthand? 

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