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Campus Facility Maintenance App

Whether it be an elementary school, middle school, high school or university, managing and inspecting maintenance and tasks just got easier with Inspector+.   

Mobile Inspection + Maintenance Software for Campuses

Ensure facility cleanliness and student and staff safety by reporting items that need maintenance or repair with Inspector+. 

Complete Facility Management

  • Track the cleanliness of classrooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, bathrooms, and offices. 


  • Maintain compliance with mandatory barcode scanning with time & date stamped submissions. 

  • Assign inspections, create work orders, and oversee the operation all from back-end management system. 

Work Order Management 

  • Once the report is done on the handheld, no additional entry required.

  • Automatically generates work order that can be seen from dashboard in real-time.

  • Track time and cost associated with work order. 

Designed to fit your workflow

  • Keep the forms that matter to you: we can create or recreate any existing form on the application, custom tailored to you.

  • Design questions with yes/no, checkbox, pull-down, multiple choice, or text box format - whatever makes it easiest for you.

  • View multiple buildings and campuses under one application

Total Solution Offering

  • Our cost-effective (SaaS) offering is bundled with  all the components need to get started including: software and hardware!

  • Android and Cloud based application. Doesn't touch your companies' internal servers or systems.

See how Inspector+ can help streamline your facilities operations.