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Get More From Your Inspections

Inspector+ makes it easy to maximize the potential for your inspection data, while streamlining the process for your employees. Work faster, get more done.


1. Setup Inspection Forms

Keep the forms that matter to you. We work with you personally to custom build your inspection forms out to your exact requirements. If a simple "yes/no" check box doesn't work for an inspection item, we can create drop-down menus and text fields for employees to write in specific answers. Each inspection item is assigned a form that will appear on an employee's handheld when the item is scanned. 

After you have the forms you need, managers can assign inspection items to specific employees for them to complete.

2. Scan Inspection Items

Scanning inspection items ensures compliance. Each inspection location is equipped with a barcode that employees must scan in order to fill out the inspection form. This helps ensure that the employees were physically at each inspection location. Each form is time and date stamped so managers can review how long it takes to complete an inspection route. Employees can utilize our photo capture feature to take a picture an inspection item that needs repair for the maintenance team.

Hydrant Pit

3. Send Forms to Backend

No more file cabinets. Send the inspection form to the backend management system via  an internet connection (WiFi or 3G/4G). If the employee is outside of coverage, the inspections will be stored locally and uploaded once coverage returns. Any item marked as "needing maintenance" will automatically be flagged in the backend for a manager to review.  At the end of a shift, employees can sign off on their work using our signature capture feature. 

4. Review Inspection Data

Get The Information You Need At A Glance. All the data you need is right at your fingertips with our customizable dashboard. Managers can download inspection data, create and assign inspection forms to employees, and create maintenance work orders all from our backend management system hosted securely on the cloud.




Helping you every step of the way. 

We don't leave you to figure out the application on your own: our team is there to support you for the full lifetime of your use of Inspector+. We offer the following services for your customizable package:



Custom Form Creation

Complimentary Support

Handheld Consultation

API Integration

See what else Inspector+ can do

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