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Hospital & Clinic Inspections

Manage and inspect all the equipment, medical supplies, rooms, and assets within your healthcare facility, all through one application.   

Mobile Inspection Software for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry requires significant management of both people and equipment in order to provide the best care. Inspector+ can help with equipment inspections, patient checks, health code inspections, and all healthcare work orders.

Complete Facility Management

  • Utilize Inspector+ for equipment maintenance, inventory checks, hospital work orders, room inspections; whatever your facility needs! 

  • Ensure you are maintaining compliance with mandatory barcode scanning and time & date stamped submissions. 

  • Assign inspections, create work orders, and oversee the operation all from backend management system. 

  • Integrate Inspector+ directly with your existing framework; we take care of the development.

Clinician Specific Handhelds

  • As a reseller of mobile handhelds, WNS can recommend the best-suited equipment for your operation, hand-picked from all of the major suppliers.

  • For hospital and clinics, we can recommend handhelds designed specifically for clinicians, which can be used for day-to-day scanning.

  • Receive the full solution through WNS - both the hardware and software to set up your mobile inspection infrastructure. 



  • Keep the forms that matter to you: we can create or recreate any existing form on the application, custom tailored to you.

  • Questions can be constructed in yes/no, checkbox, pull-down, multiple choice, or text box format - whatever makes it easiest for you.  

healthcare worker

See how Inspector+ can help streamline your healthcare operation.

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