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  • Andrew Eagan

Announcement: Releasing Inspector+ 4.1

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 2nd, 2019

WNS releases the latest version of Inspector+ to help organizations take advantage of the latest technology, gaining information of multiple facilities.

Minnetonka, MN – Inspector+ by WNS announced the new release of Inspector+ 4.1, an inspection and maintenance app which utilizes barcode scanning technology to ensure accountability. This release of Inspector+ allows organizations to manage multiple locations under one app, having the option to utilize custom forms as well as reports on the mobile and web application.

Inspector+ 4.1 provides users a robust application with a useful set of features to gather information within the field. This includes: barcode scanning, signature capture, photo capture, maintenance work orders, and custom forms with reports.

Real-time data, Multiple locations

Inspector+ 4.1 is a one-of-a-kind barcode-based inspection management system that simplifies the way businesses conduct inspections, complete compliance reports, and provide maintenance requests. Hosted in the Cloud and Android based, Inspector+ 4.1 collects data on handheld devices with scanning capabilities, transmits the data over Wi-Fi or LTE connection to our secure back-end app.

“We are proud to introduce Inspector+ 4.1. As we continue to work with our customers to offer innovated solutions, allowing organizations to gain insight on their operations,” says Andrew Eagan, Business Development Manager. “Inspector+ 4.1 gives managers solid data on their operations from across town or over the United States by utilizing our Android and Cloud based infrastructure."

Pricing and Availability

Inspector+ by WNS software and packages are available now! Fill out the Contact Us Form, by e-mail at, or by phone. Call 952 249-1999 to learn more.


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