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  • Andrew Eagan

Inspector+ Provides New Customizable Inspection Platform

When implementing a software package in your business operations, it’s important to find a solution that caters your organization’s workflow. Designed with Microsoft Development Tools, Inspector+ by WNS provides businesses with a customizable inspection and maintenance platform to gather real-time data from the field.

Inspector+ is an Android based maintenance and inspection app designed to increase productivity, ensure compliance while expedite maintenance reporting. Created to support hundreds of items and countless inspection forms, it can support facilities with multiple buildings and locations. The mobile application has online/offline functionality which provides users a seamless transition to collect regardless of where they are in the field, even if cellular coverage may not be available.

How does it work? Inspector+ is simple and easy to use. The user-friendly mobile app runs on a rugged Android based handheld or tablet. Individuals use the device to scan the barcode placed on the identified item or area. Users may then fill out custom inspection forms and report any maintenance items, and upload reports to secure database in Microsoft Azure.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, Inspector+ by WNS has partnered with a trusted global leader in Microsoft. As of today, ninety-five percent of Fortune 500 companies use the Microsoft Cloud. In order to help organizations meet data residency, sovereignty, and compliance requirements, Microsoft has a worldwide network of more than 56 Microsoft-managed datacenter regions.

Collaborate with the implementation team to create custom inspection forms specific to your organization’s workflow. Inspection forms can be created with data entry fields and multiple-choice options, maintenance work orders, signature capture, and photo capture. Available now in Release 4.1 of Inspector+ is the ability to have custom reports specifically designed for your environment. WNS’ Development Team can create custom reports available on Inspector+ to match specific forms you are utilizing today.

Inspector+ can be utilized in a variety of different industries including Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Airports, and Education. Zebra Technologies has Validated Inspector+ with the select Zebra mobile computers. Inspector+ is compatible with Honeywell mobile computers and can be found on the Honeywell Marketplace.


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