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  • Andrew Eagan

One Application, Multiple Devices

While one application can fit all (especially when it can be completely customized to your needs), one device does not fit all: some industries require intrinsically safe devices, devices with Dev. II classifications, or other unique specifications that not all devices carry. That's why we've taken the time to certify Inspector+ on a diverse range of devices spanning across many of the major barcode data collection manufacturers. Below are a few of the more popular handhelds to run the Inspector+ application on, and the industries they most often serve:


Janam XT1 | Rugged Tablet

Industries: Oil & Gas, Airline

With UL-certification (Class I Div 2, Groups A, B, C, D) for hazardous environments, the XT1 provides Inspector+ users with confidence that their device is intrinsically safe for work in areas where there is risk of an explosion such as tank farms and oil refineries. The XT1 is available on Android 4.2.2.



Opticon H27 | Android Enterprise Terminal

Industries: Healthcare

The Opticon H-27 works exceptionally well for mobile professionals who need the combination of auto-ID and business-critical information to carry out their work. Due to the ergonomic design the H-27 is slimmer and lighter than an industrial device, and also stronger and more robust than a consumer phone. Available on Android 4.2.2.


Honeywell CT50h | Clinician Handheld

Industries: Healthcare

Purpose-built for highly mobile clinicians, the Dolphin CT50h clinical smartphone combines unparalleled barcode mobile computer capabilities with a rugged, modern smartphone to maximize workforce productivity, task accuracy and return on investment. Available on Android 4.4.4. with

Download data sheet.


We are confident that we can recommend a device that works for you and your industry so that you can run Inspector+ efficiently and under full compliance. Contact us today with any questions about the software or the hardware it can run on: we'd be happy to help!

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