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  • Andrew Eagan

With Azure Comes Assurance

Over the past several years, more and more businesses have been moving their applications out of their own data centers and into the cloud as they look for ways to cut costs and increase technological agility. In fact, according to Gartner stats (cited in this article), the infrastructure as a service (Iaas) market was estimated to be worth a whomping $16.5 billion in 2015. The leader, by a substantial margin, is Amazon's AWS, having more total market share than the next four biggest competitors combined.

Cloud Market Share

cloud services market share

Graph: Investor's Business Daily

As a forward-thinking company, WNS wanted to be sure that our Inspector+ application would be set up on a secure and sustainable platform that we could rely on and trust to hold our clients valuable data. While we have already been hosting our application on the cloud for several years, we have decided to that the advantages that Microsoft Azure brings to our business was worth migrating towards. As of earlier this month, we are excited to announce that the transition to Azure was successful and that we are already anticipating unique benefits from hosting on an up-and-rising player in the cloud industry.

For our current clients, we hope this serves as additional assurance that your data is being stored in a secure environment that millions of other businesses are currently trusting. For those still leary about the cloud, we hope this helps paint a new perspective as the Iaas (infrastructure as a service) being a rapidly-evolving industry that is undoubtedly the future of computing.

To talk with a representative from our business versed in bringing custom cloud-based solutions to businesses, click below!

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