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  • Andrew Eagan

Inspector+ Now Hosted on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

On Friday, April 15th, Wireless Network Solutions transitioned the Inspector+ database to Microsoft's trusted cloud platform, Microsoft Azure.

The move accompanies the same reliability and security that was present before, but adds a greater scalability factor: with Azure, we are able to mobilize our software enhancements even faster than before, and look forward to instituting more upgrades, faster, in the future.

At Wireless Network Solutions, we understand that in order for our clients to fully realize the benefits of Inspector+, they must first be convinced that their data will be stored in a secure and private environment. We've done our homework when it comes to security in the cloud, and determined that Microsoft's industry-leading data security and privacy policies ensures the most stringent protection of your data. We feel completely assured that our client's data is entirely protected within Microsoft Azure's platform, which is our greatest priority.

If you have any questions regarding Microsoft Azure or Inspector+ - our cloud-based inspection application - feel free to contact a member of our sales team here: we love to talk about the latest technology and trends.

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